Unique expertise

Induga specializes in the development and manufacturing of metallurgical plants for metal melting and casting processes. Most of our inductive heating systems are used in non-ferrous metals processes. In addition to this, we also supply plasma heating systems for steelworks.

We design and build both individual furnace units and integrated furnace lines. In our integrated facilities, all of the process steps are closely linked - from input material feeding through to the finished or semi-finished casting.

Successful projects

Our engineers boast longstanding experience and in-depth expertise in designing metal melting and casting systems tailored to the specific operating conditions and technical layout at our customers’ facilities. We have installed more than 600 plants worldwide at foundries, steelworks, car producers and suppliers to the automotive industry. These plants prove themselves to be highly reliably, day in day out, under the most challenging conditions.


Efficient processes

We employ the latest automation technology to make our customers’ processes safe and efficient. Our one-stop solutions comprise the full line of process aspects – from converter technology through to integration of process data into higher-level systems. Innovative applications, such as simulation of the casting process and model-based predictive casting control as well as inline process visualization and image processing during casting, ensure high repeatability and economic efficiency of our customers’ operations.

Safe molten-metal logistics

Metal going through the processes of melting, holding and casting has to be transported from one process stage to the next. Process efficiency can only be achieved through elaborately planned and safe transfer of the molten metal. Therefore, the handling of metal heats from melting through to casting is one of our core competences and an integral part of our plants.

Reliable service

We support our customers from the initial concept idea through to the successful commissioning of the plant, and beyond. Our service engineers boast comprehensive experience and know the plants installed at our customers’ facilities down to the last detail. These experts are part of the Otto Junker GmbH worldwide service network, which ensures that replacement furnaces and over 2,000 spare parts can be supplied at very short notice.

Our customers benefit from the growing digitalization of our services:  Remote support during commissioning and remote service activities supported by the local plant operators using panel PCs or AR glasses have become common practice.

Innovative technology

We use innovative converter technology to control the power supply of our induction furnaces rated between 100 kW and 10 MW: We use high-power transistors that enable infinitely adjustable power supply, while keeping the power factor, cos phi, constant, and implementation of an anti-pinch circuit in our channel-type inductors. Because they can be safely and rapidly switched off at any time, insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) provide much higher availability and operational safety than conventional thyristors. At the same time, they guarantee maximum self-protection in the event of overcurrent, abnormal temperature, quick load changes or earth fault at the furnace coil. As IGBTs are digitally controlled, our experts can perform service and maintenance remotely online.

Strong within a strong group

As a subsidiary of Otto Junker GmbH, Induga is part of an internationally renowned group of companies that have worked with metals producers and processors around the world as a strong partner for decades. Every group company specializes in a unique area of expertise. This provides substantial synergies for the employees working closely with their colleagues at the other group companies – towards the common goal of providing innovative technological excellence to our customers.