The Induga portfolio includes zinc remelting furnaces (cathode melters) as well as coating pots and pre-melters used in galvanizing lines for steel strip and batch galvanizing.




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  • PUMA ladle pouring machines for one-off and series casting

    Automatic, non-heated tiltable ladle system for highly precise pouring in series casting lines

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  • Channel-type furnaces

    Induction furnaces with furnace vessels heated by channel-type inductors

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  • Crucible-type coreless furnaces

    Cylindrical induction furnaces consisting of coreless crucible-type inductors

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  • Strip coating pots

    Channel-type induction furnace of rectangular shape used as steel-strip coating pot

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  • Coating pots for batch galvanizing

    Induction furnace for batch-type dip-coating

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