In steel strip coating with special alloys, such as AlSi or AlZn, pre-melting units are used to achieve the best possible coating quality and maximum economic efficiency.

Our pre-melting furnaces operate at 750°C and higher. Each furnace’s ceramic lining is adapted to its specific use.

The molten metal is transferred from the pre-melter to the coating pot via a gas- or electrically heated launder that holds the metal at temperature.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Melting separately from the coating pot

  • Alloying separately from the coating pot

  • Channel- or crucible-type inductors

  • Emptying by tilting, overflowing or pumping

Pre-melting units can be designed as channel-type or crucible coreless furnaces.

They are equipped with a high-precision temperature measuring system that automatically adjusts the inductor power. On request, our pre-melting furnaces can also be fitted with a laser-based bath level sensor.

Further optional components, such as charging devices or zinc pumps, are available to optimally tailor the plants to the specific situations at our customers’ facilities. We supply both stationary and tiltable pre-melting furnaces.


Pre-melting induction furnaces with channel- or crucible-type inductors

Melting rate

Up to 6 t per hour


From 4 up to 30 t

Bath level

Laser-sensor controlled, on request


Automatic feeding and emptying by tilting, overflowing or pumping


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