Induction crucible-type furnaces are the technology of choice when highly intensive bath agitation is required, e.g. for melting metal chips and fine grained material and when different alloys are to be produced in close succession.

Coreless crucible furnaces can be operated with a hot heel or completely emptied after each batch. High-precision Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT) feed the furnace at an operating frequency optimally adapted to the metal in the furnace.

It is also possible to operate the furnace with different frequencies: During the initial melting phase of a batch consisting of small pieces of metal, for example, a high frequency can be applied to achieve a smooth bath surface with little oxidizing activity. Later, during the alloying stage or chip stirring, the operator can switch to a lower frequency with the press of a button to achieve a highly turbulent bath.

Induction furnace plants are often arranged as twin units, i.e., two crucible furnaces share one common IGBT frequency converter plant. This allows the installed power capacity to be optimally used. While one furnace is operating in melting mode, the other can be used as a holding or pouring unit, for example.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Suitable for batch-type operation

  • Intensive through-mixing

  • Exact temperature control

  • High power density

Crucible-type coreless furnaces: Flexibility in batch operation

Coreless crucible-type furnaces can be completely emptied, making them particularly suitable for discontinuous batch-wise operation and uses that require frequent alloy changes.

They achieve very high efficiency rates. With proper dimensioning, a coreless crucible-type induction furnace can melt a full batch of solid NF metal in less than two hours (or one hour in the case of iron and steel).

Bath temperature and movement can also be controlled with particularly high precision in crucible furnaces. This facilitates accurate alloying and the admixing of materials that come in small pieces, such as metal chips.

Typical use

Non-ferrous metals melting


Crucible-type coreless furnace

Furnace type

Hydraulically tiltable


From 1.0 up to 50.0 t

Electrical power

From 300 up to 8,000 kW

Tapping mode



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