Direct heating by induction makes carbon-neutral melting, holding and refining of aluminium alloys possible. Our parent company Otto Junker GmbH supplies coreless crucible-type melting furnaces for aluminium scrap, ingots or chips.



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  • PUMA ladle pouring machines for one-off and series casting

    Automatic, non-heated tiltable ladle system for highly precise pouring in series casting lines

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  • Channel-type furnaces

    Induction furnaces with furnace vessels heated by channel-type inductors

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  • Crucible-type coreless furnaces

    Cylindrical induction furnaces consisting of coreless crucible-type inductors

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  • Metal chips melting

    Furnace concept for efficient melting and recycling of damp brass chips

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  • Indumat pouring furnace

    Pressurized multi-chamber pouring furnace

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  • Alloying furnaces

    Drum-shaped melting and holding furnaces

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