We have developed a unique furnace solution with a melting process and chip feeding system specifically designed for the cost-efficient recycling of moistened brass chips.

The damp chips are fed into the furnace from above, through a refractory hood. When the chips pass the flame above the metal bath, the oil-water emulsion evaporates, burning the oil in the process. Thus, with this furnace solution, a pre-drying stage can be dispensed with.

The dry chips drop into the dross-free central area of the bath surface, where they are rapidly submerged by the bath movement. This minimizes the material loss due to oxidation.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Metal loss due to combustion is minimized

  • No additional energy input required for pre-drying

  • No mechanical components inside the furnace

  • No post-combustion required

The process control system automatically adjusts the feeding rate and furnace power to the quality of the metal chips being processed. The plants are suitably dimensioned to make additional post-combustion of the oil- and carbon-containing emulsions unnecessary. So metal loss due to combustion is also minimal.

Chip feeding

Continuously fed batches

Cycle times

Filling/melting: 50 to 60 minutes; alloying, dross removal, sample taking: 10 to 15 minutes

Energy consumption

Approx. 250 to 320 kWh/t during filling and heating


≤ 3 % (average)

Exhaust gas system



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