We supply ceramic-lined coating pots used in steel strip coating with alloys such as Zn, ZnMg, ZnAl, AlSi. These pots are fitted with air- or water-cooled channel-type inductors. They are able to produce excellent surface properties at high process speeds.

The optimal number and arrangement of inductors depend on the coating alloy and the tank geometry. In addition to this, numerous other factors, such as homogeneous bath temperature distribution, strip temperature and the melting energy necessary to compensate for the drag-out of material determine the specific plant design. Precise temperature control to ensure high temperature homogeneity is a key requirement for achieving high-grade strip surfaces and reducing dross formation.

Our plants are equipped with high-precision bath level and bath temperature control systems. The temperature control system automatically adjusts the inductor power to set the bath temperature with an accuracy of ± 1°C.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Exact temperature control

  • Precise bath level control

  • High strip-surface quality

  • High-precision tank positioning

Our portfolio for modern strip coating lines includes both individual, stationary pots and complex, integrated melting and coating plants with up to three mobile coating tanks and the associated pre-melting furnaces. The tanks are moved into their exact working position using high-precision hydraulic lifting devices.

Our pre-melting units can be designed as channel or crucible-type furnaces, depending on what the customer wants. The pre-melting furnaces are often designed as stationary units. In these cases, the molten metal is guided into the coating pot via electrically or gas-heated launders.


Coating pot with up to 4 channel-type inductors

Heating capacity

Up to 2,600 kW (air cooling)



Bath temperature

Automatic temperature control

Bath level

Laser-sensor control


Charging devices, zinc pumps, lifting devices, positioning car


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