Induga offers a wide range of casting furnaces as well as semi- and fully automatic low-pressure die casting machines for series production of valves, valve housings, fittings, faucets, water meters, etc. made of brass or other NF metals.

The great advantage of low-pressure casting is that the molten metal is upwards cast into the die or sand mould through a precisely designed riser directly from the holding or casting furnace. This causes only minimum bath turbulence.

Our low-pressure die casting plants for NF metals are supplied with integrated induction melting and pouring furnaces, die handling manipulators, die coating units and process control systems. To ensure optimum use of the moulding line capacity, we can equip the plants with one or two manipulators and one or two risers.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Laminar mould filling

  • Automatic casting

  • Minimum metal loss

  • Up to four multi-cavity dies

  • Demanding, high-quality castings and high repetition accuracy

Low-pressure casting plants: For premium castings

For low-pressure die casting, we supply integrated lines designed to our customers’ specific requirements. Our portfolio ranges from solutions for manual die handling to line layouts that include fully automatic machines with linear or rotary portals, two manipulators and an integrated furnace plant.

NDGA 0012:

Semi-automatic; capacity per shift (8 h) approx. 900 castings

NDGA 1000:

Semi-automatic; capacity per shift (8 h) approx. 380 castings

NDGA 1001:

Semi-automatic; capacity per shift (8 h) approx. 380 castings

NDGA 1011:

Fully automatic with linear portal, manipulator and furnace plant; capacity per shift (8 h) approx. 500 castings

NDGA 2121:

Fully automatic with rotary portal, up to two manipulators and furnace plant; capacity per shift (8 h) approx. 800 castings


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