Induga supplies induction furnace plants for steel applications such as low-pressure die casting and steel strip coating. Our product range includes channel-type and coreless induction-heated pots and pre-melting furnaces for zinc and aluminium-based coating alloys. Induga also manufactures plasma heating systems for heating steel ladles and tundishes in continuous casting plants.

Our parent company Otto Junker GmbH complements the product range with coreless crucible-type melting, holding and casting furnaces for steel foundries.



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  • PUMA ladle pouring machines for one-off and series casting

    Automatic, non-heated tiltable ladle system for highly precise pouring in series casting lines

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  • Crucible-type coreless furnaces

    Cylindrical induction furnaces consisting of coreless crucible-type inductors

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  • Strip coating pots

    Channel-type induction furnace of rectangular shape used as steel-strip coating pot

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  • Coating pots for batch galvanizing

    Induction furnace for batch-type dip-coating

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  • Plasma technology

    Plasma burners for ladle and tundish heating in continuous steel casting

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  • Low-pressure casting furnaces for sand moulding lines

    Pressurized induction furnaces for bottom-poured sand moulds

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  • Alloying furnaces

    Drum-shaped melting and holding furnaces

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