Induga and its parent company Otto Junker GmbH supply induction melting, holding and casting furnaces to the iron foundry industry, with Induga specializing in channel-type solutions and Otto Junker in coreless technology. PUMA Pro, for example, is a highly automated, tiltable ladle pouring system for high-precision iron casting. This system has proved particularly useful for foundries that want to be able to flexibly 

switch between different alloys, and in applications such as series production of ductile, grey and compacted graphite iron castings.



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  • PUMA ladle pouring machines for one-off and series casting

    Automatic, non-heated tiltable ladle system for highly precise pouring in series casting lines

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  • Channel-type furnaces

    Induction furnaces with furnace vessels heated by channel-type inductors

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  • Crucible-type coreless furnaces

    Cylindrical induction furnaces consisting of coreless crucible-type inductors

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  • Indumat pouring furnace

    Pressurized multi-chamber pouring furnace

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  • Alloying furnaces

    Drum-shaped melting and holding furnaces

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