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  • Low-pressure casting machines

    Pressurized induction furnaces for upward metal casting

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  • Pouring furnaces for vertical continuous casting

    Tiltable channel- or crucible-type furnaces designed to pour the metal from a forehearth into a vertical continuous casting mould

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  • Furnaces for horizontal continuous casting

    Furnace with a channel-type inductor flanged to a horizontal continuous casting mould

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  • Drum-type furnaces

    Drum-shaped induction furnace for copper production, especially oxygen-free DHP copper

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  • Strip coating pots

    Channel-type induction furnace of rectangular shape used as steel-strip coating pot

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  • Coating pots for batch galvanizing

    Induction furnace for batch-type dip-coating

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  • Pre-melting units

    Channel- or crucible-type furnaces used to produce coating alloys and transfer them directly to the coating pot

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  • Cathode melting furnaces

    Trough-shaped furnace with up to six inductors for melting NF metals, such as copper and zinc

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  • Indumat pouring furnace

    Pressurized multi-chamber pouring furnace

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  • Storage furnace for aluminium alloys

    Pressurized furnaces used as storage units for aluminium

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  • Alloying furnaces

    Drum-shaped melting and holding furnaces

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