For aluminium and iron/steel foundries using sand moulding lines, we supply channel and crucible furnaces for low-pressure mould filling. This furnace technology has been specifically adapted to the requirements of high-capacity flask moulding lines.

The furnaces hold the casting alloy exactly at the desired temperature and release the metal under consistent, precisely defined conditions, filling the sand moulds directly from below in a controlled, low-turbulence way.


Benefits at a glance:

  • Laminar mould filling

  • High dosing accuracy through pressure-controlled metering

  • Variable filling characteristics

  • Minimal sprue length

  • Minimal oxide and slag inclusions

  • High-precision temperature control and low energy requirements

The casting furnace consists of an inlet siphon, a pressurized chamber with flanged-on channel- or crucible-type inductor and an out-flow for mould filling.

In order to be able to optimally position the furnace relative to the mould and empty it without loss of material, the furnace is movable and hydraulically tiltable. 

Typical use

NF-metals, iron and steel casting

Pouring vessel design

With channel- or crucible-type inductor

Furnace type

Movable and hydraulically tiltable

Tapping mode

Batch-type via nozzle

Heating power

From 60 up to 500 kW


From 1 up to 5 t


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